i-stream hybrid

Acrylic copolymer hydrophilic/hydrophobic single-piece iol aspheric preloaded with Medicel injector system.
Quadrilateral shape with fenestrated haptics.
These are its technical features:

Data Sheet


Hybrid (hydrophilic/hydrophobic copolymer), biocompatible

Lens Geometry

Biconvex optic, Monofocal, Aspheric, Square Edge 360°

Dioptric Range

from -5.0D a + 10.0D with increment of 1D; from +10.5D to +31.5D with increment of 0.5 Dpt; from +32.0 to 40.0 with increment of 1D


from 1.8 mm with preloaded Medicel injector System

Optic Diameter

6.0 mm

Total Diameter

11.0 mm

Sferical Aberration

-0,26 μm


Natural Yellow

Refractive Index


UV Filter

Natural Yellow UV CUT OFF < 2% @420nm

A Costant


Constant with Ulib System

SRK/T = 118,7; SRK/2 = 118,9; Holladay1 sf = 1,60; Holladay2 = 5,374; Barrett = 1,73; HofferQ pACD = 5,39; Haigis a0 = 1,25; a1 = 0,40; a2 = 0,10


Optical disc and haptics without profile discontinuity

Haptic Angulation

5° for a long term better stability in the capsular bag