Technologies and Materials

Technologies and Materials

Quality and precision

md tech IOL materials are from Benz Research & Development, probably considered the quality benchmark from all stakeholders even by competitors.

Benz materials are characterized by
low residuals, precise and isotropic expansion, and large batch sizes.

A vast amount of expertise work every day to improve.

The high purity of acrylates, the primary monomer component used in IOL material, is possible thanks to a process called Zero Technology.

Zero Technology delivers a 99.9% purity, the quality expected for a polymer implant that may be in the eye for more than 40 years.

Zero Technology produces a raw material that is so pure that the methacrylic acid content is too difficult to measure. The resulting acrylic IOL polymer has 10 to 20 times less acid than even the “highest purity” commercial monomer, plus a much higher total purity,

this results in a zero ionicity polymer. Zero ionicity IOL material provides a further degree of quality assurance by eliminating the possibility of calcium phosphate particles appearing over time in the polymer matrix, which can lead to opacification.

Hydrophobic materials elasticity has been maximized and water content has been minimized. A better elasticity can absorb thermal contraction and dilatation due to increase of the temperature. This characteristic avoids IOL’s material fragmentation and microvacuoles formation that could degenerate into glistening developing.

Hybrid IOLs contain Natural Yellow FilterTM that guarantees an efficient filtration of the harmful blue light that doesn’t reach the retina, without altering color perception and contrast sensitivity.

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