Alfaintes Group

Alfaintes Group

md tech is a part of a group consisting of different subsidiaries, each of which specialized in different branches of ophthalmology

Alfa Intes Industria Terapeutica Splendore S.r.l.

Motherboard of the holding engaged in the manufacturing, research, development and marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutraceuticals.

Alfa Instruments S.r.l.

Commercial company specialized in the production, distribution* and marketing of high-tech diagnostic instruments.
*Only for the Italian territory

Alfa Intes S.r.l.

Commercial company specialized in the distribution* and marketing of equipment and devices for ocular surgery.
*Only for the Italian territory

i-kit S.r.l.

Company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of custom pack.

Our challenge continues into the future, with the idea of new plant for the production of innovative materials, that can improve the current standards.