md tech launches Synergy visc

md tech launches Synergy visc

An innovative solution containing cohesive sodium hyaluronate for injection during eye surgery.

md tech, a young, ever-evolving company offering specialized products in the ophthalmic field, is glad to announce the launch of Synergy visc, a novel medical device representing the first addition to its viscoelastics portfolio.

Synergy visc is a viscoelastic solution based on Sodium Hyaluronate with pharmaceutical grade purity, registered as a medical device for intraocular injection use.

Synergy visc is an indicator in eye surgery of the anterior segment including thecataract removal, intraocular lens insertion, corneal transplant, glaucoma and retinal detachment. Synergy visc can be used to protect and lubricate intraocular lenses and injection systems beforehand the installation of the same.

Discover more about Synergy visc and download the technical data below.

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