i-stream p

Product features

Model: ISP60P
Material: Hydrophobic
Dimension and angulation: 6.0 mm x 11.0 mm; 0°/5°
Lens geometry: Aspheric biconvex with 360° square edge
Diopter range: From 0.0 D to +40.0D
A constant: 118.0
Optimized constant: SRK/T = 118,8; SRK/2 = 119,1; Holladay1 sf = 1,66;
HofferQ pACD = 5,45; Haigis a0 = 1,26; a1 = 0,40; a2 = 0,10
Injector and incision: size 2.2 mm with push type injector from Medicel

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use - 1B
1. Put the viscoelastic first from the back of the lens and then from the tip of the cartridge until complete filling of cartridge and chamber. Wait 10-15 sec before the implant, in order to activate the biofilm.
Instructions for Use - 2B
2. Close the cartridge.
Instructions for Use - 3B
3a. Push the plunger up to the loading chamber.
Instructions for Use - 3B
3b. Then pull it slightly back.
4. Go forward, screwing or pushing (depending on model) the plunger until the expulsion of the lens.