i-stream diffrax

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Product features

14 concentric rings with gradually decreasing heights
Multifocal with apodized design for the best vision in every distance
High contrast sensitivity and no glare
Designed using proprietary algorithms and latest software
Additional power +3.0D

Model: ISP60D
Material: Hybrid copolymer
Dimension and angulation: 6.0 mm x 11.0 mm; 5°
Lens geometry: Aspheric biconvex with 360° square edge
Diopter range: From 0.0D to +32.0D
A constant: 118.2
Optimized constant: SRK/T = 118,7; SRK/2 = 118,15; Holladay1 sf = 1,10; HofferQ
pACD = 4,88; Haigis a0 = 0,647; a1 = 0,400; a2 = 0,100

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use - 1
1. Insert the loading chamber containing the lens in the special housing.
Instructions for Use - 2
2. Put the viscoelastic first through the hole and then from the tip of the cartridge until complete filling of cartridge and chamber.
Instructions for Use - 3
3. Carefully remove the stopper of loading chamber gripping it with thumb and index.
Instructions for Use - 4
4. Close the loading chamber. Push the plunger gently.