About Us


MD TECH was born in 2010 to respond to the increasingly growing and specific request of the ophthalmic surgery field, producing intraocular lenses and injection systems used in cataract surgery. The 20-years’ experience of its founders has led to high standards of quality and innovation in terms of materials and easiness of use of the manufacture DMs.
From the beginning, the company has been very successful in the Italian ophthalmic field and in recent years it has been highly appreciated also abroad, selling in more than 15 countries and supporting its partners at every stage: from registration to supply.
In 2005, the company started a successful collaboration with BENZ RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT the most recognized companies in the field of IOLs’ polymer production, thanks to which there was an extension of the products’ range with items that allow smaller and smaller incisions and with "premium" lenses for the correction of astigmatism and presbyopia.

In 2019 started the production of viscoelastics and dyes


MD TECH is a young, ever-evolving company whose goal is to offer products that meet the increasingly strict requirements of the ophthalmic field, especially cataract surgery, to provide high quality products to patients and doctors both in terms of safety and easiness of use.
In our production laboratories, built and designed according to the strictest international standards, technicians perform rigid quality controls on the products, with very limited tolerance ranges, to ensure maximum reliability and quality.
The production process is carried out in classified areas according to ISO 14644.


The team of MD TECH is constantly trained to achieve a high level of quality and to work in accordance with the main Italian and European standards.
We promote constantly the teamwork and the sharing of business goals, thus succeeding in having a strong company that is recognized and appreciated on the market.
Our quality policy is aims to the involvement of all figures, including suppliers, who work as qualified partners of our company.

You are in good hands....