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i-stream toric

hybrid lens for the correction of astigmatism


The 30-40 % of patients wittl cataract has an astigmatism higher than 1 diopter.
lf this astigmatism isn’t correct, the patient needs glasses in the post-operatory.
i-stream toric increases the possibility of a vision without glasses.
i-stream toric is meant to offer solutions for patients with both, cataract and astigmatism,
by the followings features:
• The range of cylinders covers aver 80% of requests.
• The design an d 1he hybrid nature of the IOL offers an easy positioning an the axis for the surgeon.
• The wide contact surface and the stabilrty are effective and safe aver time.



i-stream toric s made of an ultra-purified acrylic monomer wittl a 25%
of water content and an hydrophobic surface.
• This combines the advantages of hydrophobic and hydrophilic IOLs
• The material is elastic and resistant to manipulation, it is extremely biocompatible
with an high UV rays absorption
• The innovative Natura! Yellow fllter permtts to fltter effectively the harmful blue light
that can’t reach the retina, wtthout altering color perception and contrast sensitivity

 i-stream toric lens


i-stream toric can be injected through incisions smaller than 2,0 m m. This kind of incisions has many advantages:
• Reduction of induced postoperative astigmatism
• lnflammatory risk minimization compared to incisions larger than 2.0mm
• Reduction of risk of endothelialloss compared
• Rapid closure of corneal incisions to incisions bigger than 2.0mm
• Reduced postoperative healing times
• Patient’s satisfaction



The i-stream toric geometry has been designed to maximize your patient’s visual performances. The IOL has a biconvex optic with a precise negative spherical aberration: -0,26μm. i-stream toric permits to compensate the positive spherical aberration of the cornea, bringing back your patient’s eye to an ideai condition: a young and emmetropie eye.


i-stream toric – Features

  • Article: ISP60QT
  • Optical diameter: 6 mm
  • Optical design: Biconvex
  • Haptic total diameter: 11 mm
  • Haptic design: Plate haptic
  • Haptic angulation: 5°
  • Material: Copolymer Acrylic Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic with UV filter and blu filter Natural Yellow
  • Front surface profile: Aspheric edge to reduce disfotopsie
  • Rear surface: 360° Square Edge optics and loops
  • lnjection: From 1.8 mm to 2.8 mm with disposable injector
  • Recomanded A costant: 118.2
  • Constant from database ulib: SRK/T=118.7; SRK/2=118.9; Holladay 1 sf=1.60; Hoffer Q pACD=5.39; Halgis a0=1.25; a1=0.40; a2=0.10
  • Refractive index: 1,46
  • Diopter range:  wide diopter range
  • Cylinder range:  da 0.75D; 1.25D; 2.25D; 3.00D; 3.75D; 4.50D; 5.25D; 6.00D; (available on request multiple powers of 0.75D).
  • UV filter: White UV Cutoff <10% @ 370nm. Natural Yellow UV Cutoff <2% 420nm
  • Sterilization: Steam
i-stream toric - packaging

i-stream toric

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