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i-stream microflex

MICS IOL with hydrophobic coating


I-stream microflex IOLs are produced from an ultra purified monomer acrylate with 25% water content and hydrophobic coated surface completely waterproof. This combines the advantages of hydrophobic and hydrophilic IOLs:

  • The hydrophobic surface avoids the risk cf PCO formation
  • Elastic, soft and flexible materia! easy to handle
  • The monomeric structure has high internai memory shape that guarantees fast recovery of geometry and 101-:s optical characteristics after implantation
  • Extreme biocompatible materia! with high UV rays absorption




The key element of the success of I-stream microflex is the edge innovative design: 360° Square Edge

  • Ensures better bonding between the capsular bag and posterior surface of the IOL strongly reducing the onset of PCO
  • At the same diopter, IOL achieves less thickness of those built with standard square edge
  • Facilitates the centering and the 101-:s stability in the capsular bag


I-stream microflex is injectable through less than 2m m incision. The use of such a small incision has many advantages:

  • No induction of post-operative astigmatism
  • Rapid closure of corneal wounds
  • Reduced post-operative healing ti me
  • Minimize the inflammatory risk
  • Reduces the risk of endothelial loss
  • Patient satisfaction


I-stream microflex ‘s design has bee n m ade to maximize your patient’s vi su al performances.
The IOL has biconvex optic with a precise negative spherical aberration: -0,26~m. This amount is exactly needed to compensate the positive spherical aberration of the cornea, bringing back your patient’s eye to ideal condition: the one of young and emmetropie eye.




  • Article: ISP60M
  • Optical Diameter: 6 mm
  • Optical Design: Biconvex
  • Haptic Total Diameter: 11 mm
  • Haptic Design: Plate Haptic piece
  • Haptic Angolation: 0°
  • Material: Acrylic hydrophilic coating and UV filter
  • Front Surface Profile: Aspherical edge to reduce disfotopsie /
  • Rear Surface: 360° Square Edge optics and loops
  • Injection: From 1.4 mm to 2.2 mm with disponsable injector
  • Diopter Range :  wide diopter range
  • Recommended Constant : Recommended Ac. A Costant 118.0 Recommended Op-T 118.3 A Constant Srk, Srk-II 118.5
  • Refractive index : 1,46
  • UV Filter: White UV Cutoff <10% @ 370nm
  • Sterilization: steam

i-stream Microflex prodotto


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